Sterling Poodle Puppies

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Health & Educational Poodle Links

Informative links

First Poodle Breeders - Desert Reef Standard Poodles - Southern Utah - American Kennel Club - American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation


Next, there is information about health & diseases associated with poodles. There are links for health testing that poodle breeders have completed as well as for other breeds.


Health Registries: - CHIC - Canine Health Information Center - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - CERF - Veterinary Medical Databases -

Canine Eye Registration Foundation


Health Info - Doctors & Articles: - Dr Dodds




Poodle Pedigrees

This site allows you to look up any poodle pedigree that is in the database


Informative Sites

These sites have valuable information about various topics

Sit Spot Training Center Susanville, CA - Jackie Earnshaw - Visit her website - very informative! - Certified Pet Dog Trainers - Associated Pet Dog Trainers - Dog Friendly Hotels

http://www. - US locations -

be careful going to any dog park -  there are many pro's & con's

Food Information

Information about dog food company websites, recall websites,

websites for home cooking, info about food ingredients 


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